Corporate Backgrounder

EPITERA is developing a state-of-the-art Linux desktop environment that will revolutionize virtually all operating environments from Internet Appliances to the PC desktop. Based upon the increasingly popular Linux kernel, the EPITERA desktop environment offers unprecedented ease of use, reliability and power, with a level of intelligence that will benefit both the technical and mainstream user alike.

Formed in 1999, EPITERA has marketing, sales and business development offices in New York, with development facilities in Givataim, near Tel Aviv, Israel. The company has received financing both from private investors and $1.5 million from Argoquest, a venture capital firm.

EPITERA’s new operating environment will provide users with a significantly superior and more intuitive computing experience by building on the Linux operating system with innovative new technologies and applications. The EPITERA environment features a highly graphical and user-friendly interface along with a robust range of applications. Additionally, EPITERA incorporates new tools and intelligent technologies to alleviate many of the problems associated with current operating systems.

Central and unique to the EPITERA operating environment is:

  • Development of a core technology that will include a friendly, simple and highly graphical user interface.
  • An intelligent assistant (KANDUä) that provides superior help and support to meet the needs of increasingly complex and problematic computing environments.
  • Full compatibility with the Internet-based computing environment