November 15, 2000

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Dan Snyders


Open Source Development Toolkit Launched At COMDEX
Open Source toolkit from Epitera facilitates development of customized GUIs for Linux

LAS VEGAS - November 15, 2000 - AbsoluteX, a new Open Source development toolkit, was officially launched at COMDEX 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

First unveiled October 12, 2000 at the Annual Linux Showcase in Atlanta, GA, AbsoluteX is an X-Window developer toolkit created by Epitera ( to streamline and facilitate the process of developing customized GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for Linux. It is available for free download at (

“We had an enthusiastic response to our first AbsoluteX demonstration in Atlanta, and are excited to make this new toolkit for the X-Window platform available to the greater community,” said Ami Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and business development for Epitera. “AbsoluteX benefits the Open Source developer with faster and more efficient development tools based on the C++ programming language. It benefits the mainstream user by facilitating the rapid development of applications for Linux.”

Unlike toolkits created for the professional/technical market, AbsoluteX is aimed at creating Linux-based GUIs and desktop applications for the mainstream PC market. AbsoluteX is an Open Source, free class library that uses a cutting-edge programming language with multiple inheritance methodology, Standard Template Libraries (STL), efficient messaging and programming methods that separate logical and visual aspect class libraries.

Because it represents a new, easier development process, the company describes AbsoluteX as “Linux With A Twist.” Epitera believes AbsoluteX will help get Linux out of the exclusive IT world and into the mainstream desktop world of home, work and novice users.


About Epitera

Epitera is developing a state-of-the-art Linux desktop environment that will revolutionize virtually all operating environments from Internet appliances to the PC desktop. The Epitera environment offers unprecedented ease of use, reliability and power, with a level of intelligence that benefits both the technical and mainstream user. Epitera’s AbsoluteX toolkit is freely available to the Open Source community and distributed through the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

For more information on AbsoluteX, visit; for more information on Epitera, visit

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