AbsoluteX is a powerful X-Windows toolkit for developers that is being developed by Epitera, as part of its own development efforts. AbsoluteX is a standard template library (STL) based on C++, a cutting edge programming language with multiple inheritance methodology and uses an efficient messaging system.

AbsoluteX is the most advanced toolkit of its kind and will be launched toward the forth quarter 2000, to the Open Source Community under LGPL (Lesser General Public License).


AbsoluteX offers the following features:

Look & Feel and Layout Management

Our vision with AbsoluteX is to establish a state-of-the-art C++ class library, offering the most updated programming methods that separate logic and visual aspect.

  • Logic - In order to ensure the stability of the application, logics are determined at compilation time.

  • Visual Aspect - User Interface & Graphics provide a layout (XML-based resource) and graphics elements, such as buttons, scroll-bars and lists, which can be set dynamically at run time.

Messaging System

We developed a system that offers greater efficiency at runtime and a simpler interface for the developer. AbsoluteX uses an intuitive and efficient event handling approach. Unlike other libraries, where all events are sent to a window at runtime, an AbsoluteX window receives only the events required.

Multiple Inheritance and AbsoluteX Event Handling

When using the multiple inheritance methodology, the window interface remains uncluttered with no unneeded events. This leaves the window free to handle window properties and methods only, thus creating a simple interface for the programmer.