In order to create the ultimate environment for the home user, we developed a system that can communicate with the user in normal, everyday language while providing the exact answer the user really needs in a manner the user can understand.


We developed an Intelligent Assistant, a mechanism comprising - three main identifiers:

  1. It receives a request using free text and analyzes it by using natural language processing (NLP). The use of NLP assures that the plain language used for a query will be correctly analyzed in order to obtain the optimum results. This method focuses on verifying the exact information that the user is seeking.

  2. The answer to the user query can be found in three different places: the first level is the local knowledge base that is updated on a regular basis. The second level is a remote knowledge base that is hosted on Epitera's servers, and the third level is our human help center that will use voice over IP (VoIP) technology to communicate with the user. This level also uses the Epitera Management System to ascertain the user's problem.

  3. The result of the knowledge-base mentioned above can be in two formats: written/vocal explanation or a script that will be executed by the Animation Engine.