We have identified the most common applications used by the home user. We grouped those applications into the following groups:

  • Multimedia Image viewers, Movie players, MP3 players.

  • Communication ICQ, VoIP.
  • Communication tools Download manager, Anti Spam tools, Email tools.
  • Games
  • General utilities Compression, Diagnostic, Backup, Disk Cleaner, Fax.
  • Security Antivirus, Cookies, Firewall, Data Security.
  • Office Suite
  • Home applications Financials, Budget, Tax, Photo Album.


Most of the groups listed above have very good solutions for each application. Similar to the development of the Linux operating system, these applications are developed by the Open Source community and are freely distributed. At the same time, the applications are of excellent quality and are constantly being improved.

This situation is somewhat different in respect to home applications and games. The development of games for Linux operating system (OS) is rapidly changing. At the end of 1999, there were very few advanced, graphically detailed games available for the Linux OS. Today, some of the most sophisticated games (such as Quake and others) have been developed for or ported to the Linux environment (sometimes even before the Windows version). This rapid pace of development for the Linux gaming industry ensures that by the time our desktop system reaches the market, the newest and most popular games will be available for the Linux environment.

As for home applications, the change is taking a bit longer. Although there are Linux equivalents for most applications such as Quicken, Microsoft Word and Excel, Linux applications, such as SIAG Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Star Office, are not mature and still lack data compatibility to the original. Although the change is yet to come, we are developing the know-how to port more applications from Windows to Linux.

The Epitera Linux-based, home computing environment is based on underlying, proven technology. The new Epitera desktop environment will finally give the home user a true choice in operating systems, applications and games. Furthermore, Epitera will be positioned to provide ongoing improvements, updates and intelligent, efficient customer support to the new Linux desktop home user.