Epitera is developing state-of-the-art easy to use desktop environment for the home market based on Linux.

Our Operating System will be revolutionary in its ease of use, built in personal assistant, graphical interface and true Internet orientation.


Corporate Overview


Business Description

EPITERA, founded in 1999, is developing a state-of-the-art Linux desktop environment that will revolutionize virtually all operating environments from Internet appliances to the PC desktop.


Recent Corporate Highlights

October 2000 - Epitera launches AbsoluteX, an Open Source free Highlights class library primarily developed for use with the X Window system. Based on the Linux platform, AbsoluteX streamlines and facilitates the process of creating customized GUIs (graphical user interfaces).


Management Team

Doron Koren, Chairman
Yoram Salinger, President and CEO
Moti Ankonina, CTO and Vice President of Research & Development
Gil Rabinovitz, Chief Operating Officer
Ami Rosenberg, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
Isaac Behar, Vice President of Software Integration