Epitera is developing a state of the art easy-to-use (Linux) desktop environment for the home market. Our system will include a personal assistant, powerful graphical interface and true Internet orientation.


Our desktop environment offers the following set of toolkits and set of applications:

  • AbsoluteX - A powerful X-Windows developer toolkit developed by Epitera, to streamline and facilitate the process of developing customized GUIs. AbsoluteX is a standard template library (STL), based on C++, that uses a cutting edge programming language with multiple inheritance methodology, efficient messaging and programming methods that separate logic and visual aspect class libraries. These features ensure that programmers will be able to streamline and facilitate the process of developing customized, flexible, graphical applications, resulting in a unique, simple desktop environment.
  • Intelligent Assistant - a three-level help and support system with an interface to a graphical motion player. The system uses natural language processing (NLP) as a way of communicating with the user in everyday spoken and written language.
  • Animation Engine - a tool that provides interactive multimedia assistance to the user.
  • Software Manager - an automatic tool that can automatically download and install necessary applications for the user.
  • Management System - a system that enables support centers to access the users' computer remotely and assist them in resolving their difficulties.
  • Complete Environment - our system will be shipped with a set of pre-installed applications that are needed by the home user.